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May 27

Written by: deb
5/27/2014 7:09 AM  RssIcon

Here is a fun way to reinforce varied language skills!

Match the Compound Words, Antonyms, Synonyms, or Homophones... Does your school have a die-cut machine that allows you to cut cute shapes like airplanes, cars, boats, etc.? If so, cut some like shapes out of colored cardstock. For an Antonym game, take 10 to 12 of the same shape and make a zigzag cut across the shape. On one side write "up" on the other "down". Think of 10 to 12 different antonyms you want your students to know. (I usually laminate these cards after cutting and writing the antonyms on them, so they will last for many years.)  Buy some cheap plastic food savers (the cheap disposable ones work great), mix up the cards, and put them into this container, writing on the lid, "Antonym Match, Game 1."  You may want to make additional games & you can label them 2, 3, 4, etc.  I keep these neatly stacked at the back of my room so students who finish their work early have something to do. You can add a worksheet to the game if you want to have them list the antonyms they find. If you add a few more words to each game set, two or three children can play this as a "Go Fish" game.

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