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Jul 28

Written by: deb
7/28/2016 10:28 AM  RssIcon

Try this: Board Race Phonics! Students are divided into three teams. They line up facing the whiteboard. Draw lines down the board to divide it into three areas. Write three different phonics sounds on the board. For example in column 1, write "ai", column 2 write "oa" and in column 3 write "ir".  Students must go in order, "race" to the board and write a word (spelling it correctly of course!) that fits that column's sound. A student in group 1 could write words like rain, train braid, trail, etc. Group 2 students might write boat, goat, float foam, soap, etc. Group 3 students might write bird, first, birthday sir, etc. IF the student writes a child's name, it must not only be spelled correctly, but it should have a capital letter! Use a timer and set it for 2 minutes. Students must stop when you say "STOP!" Tally up the correctly scored words and write the total above the groups area (Use tally marks if studying that, otherwise, just the total number). We generally play five rounds, changing the sounds for each group each round. We do "math" when we add the scores together. Duplicate words and words that are spelled wrong do not count.

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