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Jun 22

Written by: deb
6/22/2015 10:23 AM  RssIcon

Differentiating does not need to be a huge project for you. Sometimes just some simple changes can impact the way a student learns. Try some of these ideas to help out your students.

** Offer fewer math problems on a page or have students write less for a language assignment.

** Test verbally when possible.

** Shorten your weekly spelling list.

** Utilize graphic organizers for writing assignments.

** Offer students a study guide for the upcoming assignment.

** Let ESL/SPED teachers know in advance about tests or writing/research assignments.

**Give these students a special folder to keep helpful tools, such as word problem word cues, etc.

** Allow a re-take on tests, possibly with fewer questions.

** Grade papers showing a student what was done incorrectly, not just marking a problem wrong.

** On lessons be sure to use a variety of modalities for instruction.

** When noted that a particular skill is repeatedly done incorrectly, present this information to his specialty teacher.

** Make eye contact with the student when giving instructions for an assignment. Walk over to be sure he is starting it correctly.

** Does your student need it really quiet during a class test or assignment? Earplugs?

** Try to call on the student only if he volunteers with a raised hand.

** Can another student assist with an assignment?

** On editing pages, don't ask the student to rewrite the sentence correctly...just use the editing marks.

** Allow extra time to complete a test or assignment.

** Grade ONLY necessary work, but offer help on missed items.

** Give the student comprehension questions prior to reading a story so that he is able to search for the answers as he reads. This is actually a great strategy for all students!

** Shorten the number of problems on a math timed test.

** When reading aloud in class, be sure to choose a selection for the student that he will be able to read with fluency. Have him practice it with you prior to the reading, if necessary.

** Drop the three lowest grades (more/less). Again, a good idea for all students, since everyone has bad days!

Although these ideas are not new, sometimes we just need a reminder. Not all students learn the same way, so we do need to adjust our teaching/organizing/lessons when needed. Most of all, keep the lines of communication open with the specialty teachers! They will be able to better help if you do!

Happy Teaching!

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