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Apr 16

Written by: deb
4/16/2015 7:03 AM  RssIcon

Lack of time! How often have we all said this? One way to make good use of our classroom  time is to combine skills on a bell work-worksheet for review of previously taught skills. This not only reinforces the skills, but also helps the teacher define which skills need more instruction. Give your students a math/language worksheet as bell work in the morning and then go over the material together at least once a week. A quick scan of the graded paper (use on as a "test") will allow you to see which skill is most often missed by the students. Then, you can prepare a quick instructional review of that skill.

Try one of these Daily Work pages with your students. Full 30 week sets are available on Education Creations for grades PK-K through 6th grade.

This worksheet is a PK-K level skill sheet.

Grade 1 Daily Work sample
Grade 2 Daily Work sample
Grade 3 Daily Work sample
Grade 4 Daily Work sample
Grade 5 Daily Work sample
Grade 6 Daily Work sample

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