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Jan 21

Written by: deb
1/21/2015 12:26 PM  RssIcon

What student doesn't like a fun game in the classroom to make learning skills more fun?

One fun way to reinforce a new skill or new spelling words is by using a bingo game. Here is a blank bingo card that can be used to have students create their own bingo card for a skill you wish to reinforce.

Copy one card for each student.

One way to use this game page is to ask students to write each spelling word for the week (plus some additional words from previous lists for great review!) in a space of his/her choice. Say the word and ask a student to spell it. If the student spells the word correctly,  have the student repeat the spelling slowly so that each student can then write the word in a blank space. Or, you can provide the list of words you wish to use and ask the students to carefully copy each word correctly, placing the words randomly into open spots on the bingo card. Randomly call out the words...be sure to check off the ones you are calling out!...until someone has a bingo. You can then ask that student to stand up and read each word, spelling it as he/she reads it.

Other bingo game ideas: 
Alphabet letters- matching upper to lower case letters
Phonetic Sounds - Match sound to letter or letters/blends
Core words lists
Addition sums, Subtraction sums (you read the problems)
Multiplication products, Division Quotients (you read the problems)

Happy Teaching!

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