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Aug 9

Written by: deb
8/9/2014 8:12 AM  RssIcon

We all want our first meeting with students/parents to go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few ideas to help you!

** I plan a Meet and Greet away from school the week before school starts. Last year I called all the parents, introduced myself, and invited them to the Meet and Greet. We met at a local yogurt shop. The students were excited to see familiar faces. Parents met one another. It was a stress free way to meet new friends and a great way to build community in my classroom. I'm already planning this year's Meet and Greet. (Thank you Misty McClellan Keaton) for this awesome idea!

** Have a welcome postcard sitting on each student's desk with a personal note that makes him/her feel welcome to this new classroom. (See previous blog posting for some samples.)

** Tie a welcome note to a new pencil and place one on each desk. (Thank you Dawn in AZ for this idea!)

** Have a coloring sheet and a new box of crayons on the desks so that younger students can have a fun activity to do while parents ask you questions about the new year. (Thank you Dawn in AZ for this idea!)

** Have a sign-up sheet available for your parents for future volunteer work. These can list various events such as field trips, art projects, etc. or just a generic sign-up page.. VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP

** Have a parent update sign-up page available for phone numbers, other contacts, etc. UPDATE FORM

** Be sure to have the classroom rules posted and go over the rules with the students/parents.

** Provide a packet for the parents that include such items as classroom rules, lunch-time information, behavior plan,

** Your Meet the Teacher event can be formal or informal. Many teachers prefer a more relaxed atmosphere so that parents can speak with you individually for a few moments.

** Have a student page available on each desk.  What I want my classmates/teacher to know about me. List questions like:
- Favorite hobby/activity
- Nickname
- Favorite book/author
- Favorite food
- Birthday
- Favorite sport
On the first day of school you can use this page as an ice-breaker activity.

** If you plan to have an incentive program in your classroom, be sure to post a Rewards Poster in a visible spot.

** Use a classroom theme for the month or year and have your bulletin boards decorated with colorful posters/clipart for this theme.

** Have a page that offers a quick scavenger hunt for the students. Here are a few suggestions:
- Find our classroom rules poster.
- Find our classroom rewards poster.
- Find our bookcase.
- Find your desk.
- Find our pencil sharpener.
When the student checks off each item, give them a little prize, such as a new pencil, box of crayons, piece of candy, etc.

** Give the parents a form to fill out to help you know their child better.  Some questions to ask:
- Student's preferred name
- Any allergies?
- Student's favorite activity
- Student's favorite book/author
- Student's favorite food
Knowing a student's likes/dislikes can really help you get to know them better!

Do you have additional ideas? Please send a note to and EC will gladly add another blog entry to cover new ideas!

Happy Teaching!

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