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Jun 16

Written by: deb
6/16/2014 7:45 AM  RssIcon

So many phonetic sounds and so many spellings! Here is a fun way to help your students retain the sounds/spellings!

Phonogram Flash!

Using 3 x 5 index cards, write a phonogram on one side. Such as "oo" in the word moon. On the opposite side write a question about that sound. Create multiple cards for each sound. Here are a few examples:

ar   What is something in the sky that has this sound?

ee  This busy insect helps to pollinate our flowers.

ow (as in clown)  A direction you travel on a slide.

You can add cards for new sounds as these sounds are taught.

Game Play:  During down time, such as the five or ten minutes before lunch or a recess, show a card with the sound facing toward the students. (If you use the diacrictical markings on your cards, the students will learn these also.) Read the comment/question to the students. I generally will ask a student in the first seat, then give a few seconds for that student to answer. If he answers correctly, give a stamp on his incentive card or points...whatever your particular choice may be. If not, ask the next student. Continue on...After each student gives the correct answer, review the sound. ("OO" in the word moon.)

Alternative play....have all students stand up. Begin with the first student and ask a question. If answered correctly the student remains standing. If not, he will sit down. The last student standing is the winner for the day.

You can also put students into groups and give team points. Set a time limit for the game.

Here is a sample from the EC site.


Happy Teaching!

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