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Writing Samples

All skills are standards' based!

Included in member subscription:



  • Daily Writing (DOL), Beginning, Middle, and Advanced levels (This work spirals!)
  • Blank writing paper templates
  • Blank letter writing templates (dozens!)
  • Graphic Organizers (including all 50 states and many countries)
  • Five Questions (answering sentences in complete sentences...more than 50 of them)
  • Figurative Language prompts
  • Group Story Writing
  • Prompts
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Project Writing
  • Sentence Starters
  • Story Starters (both single page and booklet form)
  • Write & Color (dozens!)
  • Answer & Color
  • more, more, more!

Some of the pictures used in worksheets are from Graphics Factory.



Daily Writing Samples

Daily Writing, Beginning Sample

Daily Writing, Middle sample

Daily Writing, Advanced Sample


Five Questions

Graphic Organizers

Sentence Starters

Make Writing FUN!!

Write and Color

I Can Answer That!

Figurative Language Prompts

Group Story Writing Sample

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