Friday, July 12, 2024

Free Reading and Phonics Samples

All Skills are standards' based!

Click on the links for some free samples of Phonics and Reading!

Phonics materials include:

  • Beginning and Ending sounds
  • Vowels: short, long, mixed, R-controlled, double vowels
  • Phonetic spelling rules
  • Games and activities
  • more, more, more!
Reading materials include:
  • EC Little Books, Fiction/Non-fiction fold over pages with comprehension quiz
  • EC Little Readers, 10 page stories, comprehension separate
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Single Skills: cause/effect, context clues, main idea, and more
  • more, more, more!
Hundreds of materials are available in Phonics and Reading with a full subscription. Subscriptions for all materials costs a very low yearly fee. See ORDERING for more details.
Some of the pictures used in worksheets are from Graphics Factory.
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