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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a free trial available? Where do I get the FREE materials?

There is a minimum of one week for math, language, and daily work along with many other worksheet samples. Locate the free materials under the FREE tab. You will see a drop down menu for the trial and other free items. ALSO visit the BLOG! There you will find some fun teaching ideas and more samples.

What is in a trial?

The trial allows you to sample one week (for all grades) of Daily Work, Morning Math (both the Standards Based and the Common Core), Daily Language, Daily Writing, and a sampling of single skills sheets. It does not give you full access to the site. To view what is included in a full subscription, please look at the pages under "FREE/What's Included?" Please know that not all materials for a subscription are listed in the "What's included?" section.

What is the cost of a subscription? (Terms of Use)

New subscriptions cost $43.00 ($44.00 outside of the USA) for one year. This allows full access to all site materials (grades PK to 6th Grades) for one full year for YOUR classroom only. You may print materials only during your subscription year. If you wish to continue using EC materials you must renew. The subscription is for use by only ONE person/teacher during the active year only. Materials cannot be shared with others. Each teacher must have his/her own account. Renewals cost less and specials are offered throughout the year for renewal rates.

May I use the EC materials after my subscription ends?

No. The EC terms state that materials may be printed ONLY while a paying subscriber to the EC site. Renewal rates are much lower and EC gives incentives and offers specials to current customers throughout the year...keeping EC one of the best values on the web. EC is owned by one person, it is not a large company. Why renew? The only way I am able to keep the yearly cost of EC down for everyone is if customers renew. Integrity matters... sharing materials hurts me and EC customers because when sales drop too much, I must then raise prices. EC has many costs involved to stay up and running. Thank you!

Why must I provide 2 email addresses? 

This is just a precaution because sometimes email addresses are typed incorrectly. EC wants to be very sure that your login information gets to you in a timely fashion. IF you have only one email address, please provide a phone number in the order.

Can schools order on a Purchase Order?

Yes. Please contact More information ... Click here

I did not receive my username and password. When will I get this information?

There is always a delay in receiving this information because all accounts are set up manually, rather than being fully automated. Since the owner of EC is not in the office 24 hours, there could be a delay of up to 12 hours, if you order after 5 p.m, Arizona time. After the account is set up you will receive a couple of emails assuring you that the account is ready for access. If you have not received your information after 12 hours, please check your spam box (or within 2 hours if you ordered between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.). Sometimes schools filter out emails that are legitimate. If the message is not in spam, write to support or call the numbers provided below. If I am away from the office within business hours, I will generally send out an email to let you know your order is being delayed.

Where do I login?

The login is a TEXT login, located just to the right, under the picture below the navigation bar on the homepage, or just below the navigation bar to the right side on other pages.

How do I retrieve my password?

To retrieve your password, click on the LOGIN text located just to the right of the picture below  the navigation bar. Once you are on the login page you will see a text link under the boxes..."Retrieve Password." Click there and enter your username. The password will be sent to the email address you provided during registration. IF your email has changed, please contact support for your information.

If you do not remember your username, please write to support.

ON RARE occasions the PW retrieval may not send out the email or the email may go to spam. IF you do not receive the information within a few minutes, please either write to support or call.  I will try to get back to you as quickly as I can but please know that EC is run by just there are times I am not available right away.

I know I typed in the right password and username but the site will not let me in. 

Please remember that your password is CASE SENSITIVE. Your username is one that you selected in your order, or in an email request to support. IF you do not remember your username, please send a message to support.

Is also possible that your account is LOCKED OUT due to many attempts to login with incorrect information. The account will self-unlock within about 30 minutes. If you cannot wait, please send a note to support if the PW retrieval did not send an email out to you.

I typed the correct login, but I no longer see the tabs for Math, Language, etc. Why?

Your account has most likely expired. Contact to inquire.

I don't remember my username. How do I obtain my username?

Please send a message to Provide your full name and email address within the text of the message. The information will be sent to you as soon as possible, but there could be a delay of up to 12 hours, if your request is made after 5 p.m. Arizona time.

I cannot find an item. How can I locate it?

This site does have a search feature. The search box is located at the top right side of the screen on every page.

My account has expired. How can I renew?

Renewal notices are emailed to the address on file about one month prior to the account's expiration date. Renewals are NOT automatic because many customers do not like this feature. If it is now past your account's expiration (within 30 days), send a message to support. If it is more than 30 days since your account expired, you will need to pay full cost.

Is EC secure?

EC is behind an SSL certificate and all pages are safe. You can tell by looking at the address bar... it says https:// rather than http://.

The worksheet does not look quite right, what is wrong?

Not all readers open files in the same way. The PDFs on this site were saved in Adobe Professional. Please download the newest version of Adobe Reader and use that for opening files. Be sure to associate the opening of the pdf files with Adobe Reader. If you do not have your browser's default PDF viewer set to use Adobe, it will use its own default reader, which may not work properly with these files. For example, in Firefox, you will need to go to Firefox, options, applications, then scroll down to Portable Document (PDF) USE ADOBE ACROBAT (default), not inside a Firefox window. In the newest version of Firefox, you might not quickly see PDF documents in the applications list. I found that I had to "search"...just type in pdf and it will bring that up. Then, select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (whatever one you have on your computer).

For Chrome:
Chrome also uses a default browser. If you have disabled the built-in viewer, it will use Acrobat or Adobe Reader to display the PDFs. To choose Adobe Acrobat or Reader do this:

BE SURE YOUR DEFAULT PDF READER for your system is Adobe Reader.

1. Enter chrome://settings/content into your browser's address bar
2. Scroll down to bottom to PDF documents, click OPEN PDF FILES in default PDF viewer application
3. Restart Chrome
4. The first time you click on a link it will automatically download the file. At the bottom of the browser screen it will show the file downloaded. Right Click on the pdf file to show options and choose Always Open with this application and from then on it will open the files with Adobe.

IF your question is not answered here, please send an email to All emails are answered within 8 to 10 hours, but usually within just a short time.

PHONE NUMBERS:  I am no longer able to provide my phone number here on the site because a spammer used my number to make spam calls. Please write to Generally, emails are answered within an hour or less.


PLEASE contact with any questions you may have.    



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